Hot Summer Nights Bloghop London Style

A comment (between June 20 to 24, 2012) enters you to win!

Leila thought it would be best if I was the one to descend you into the blaze of a hot summer night. I can’t say I disagree with her. She’s skittish about popping her bloghop cherry.

I’m London Brown and for those of you that don’t know me I’m the very naughty alter ego of a proper London society lady. Yawn!

There are all kinds of interesting nooks and crannies in London where one might indulge in a summer tryst with a willing bloke.

You might enjoy a high risk location like the London Eye for the less adventurous types you could always commandeer a private capsule for your rendezvous. The important part is that you have a hot summer night encounter. If you cannot arrange one for yourself and you’re a looker I’m sure the Agency, my employer will be more than happy to put your assets to you good use in a very kinky way.


“Every comment is entered my prize (A PDF copy of London Brown 1 and 2) as well as one of the grand prizes, the “Digital Erotica Gift Basket with over 40 books” or the “$100 Gift Card to EdenFantasys, fun sex toy shop”.”

List of participating blogs and authors see HERE!











Now onto a tryst of my own in a high risk spot.

Confessions of a Whore (London Brown #1)

I’m London Brown and these are my confessions.  Let me plunge you into my world…

I provide my clients a willing body, a canvas on which they explore their depravity–sexual therapy at a fee. Kink, bondage, or fetish, I cater to all needs. The greatest sin for someone in my profession is self-deception.

Come play in the dark with me… you can call me whatever you like as long as you pay my price.

Tonight’s client and I share a past; which of us will be left scorned….

Excerpt ~

Peter, the maitre d’, smiled. “Ah, Ms. Brown, we’re so happy to have you this afternoon. It’s been a long while since we’ve had the pleasure.” Of course, he didn’t call me by alter ego’s name, but for the purpose maintaining separation between London and Desniah I’ve inserted it.

A few of my clients preferred a more discrete location, but some wanted high-risk spots as the thrill of getting caught heightened their arousal. I can’t say I didn’t get off on it too.

The older man turned and held the door to the grand room. The palate of white and gold always dazzled me. It was one of my favorite rooms in the city. An empty space set the stage on which this man’s flavor of depravity would play out. Not that I minded. I’d been educated about men and their true nature through the acts they asked me to perform.

“I haven’t seen Mr. Carrington in a great many years either,” Peter said.

I couldn’t have heard him correctly. My step faltered for but a second. I swallowed. As my mind tried to make sense of the meaning of this, I took a deep breath. A sick cosmic joke on me. Caden Jacob Carrington, and he didn’t mean the forth, but the fifth. Of course, I’d heard he had recently returned from Hong Kong, but why would he need the services of an escort? I should have turned around and left—ran as fast and as far as I could. But I didn’t. What better way for him to see why there never could be a future between us?

Following the maitre d’ I went down the stairs.

My eyes met his, and there I didn’t find surprise. The same aloofness I’d noted when I confronted him about his departure some five years ago gazed upon me now. How very interesting that he knew about London.

The shark sat wearing a dark gray suit at a table for two in the center of the room. He stood as we drew closer. The years were too kind to the tall, dark, and handsome bloke with a killer smile. Five years had come and gone since I’d last seen him—and like the passage of time, the young woman he’d left behind had vanished too.

The lean frame and broad shoulders of the distinguished man before me commanded the space. He had a presence. The truth was he always had.

“Thank you, Peter,” he said. “We have everything we need. If I have any further requirements of the staff, I will come calling.”

The man nodded then walked out, and drew the doors closed behind him.

“Let me get your coat for you.” He held out his hand.

(Wait until you find out what I had on underneath the coat!)

Where’s your hot summer tryst locale?

51 Responses to Hot Summer Nights Bloghop London Style

  1. We live near the beach. I enjoy sneaking up to the lifeguard stands after hours. You get the beach feeling, the “uh oh, I might get caught”, and no sand in areas you’d rather not have any.

    Stopping by for the hop! Have a great week!

  2. Candy Bezner says:

    I live by the mountains of Upstate NY, so a beach is not handy, but I have to make due with camping instead.

  3. LaWanda says:

    I like the Confessions of a Whore excerpt, now I want to know what she had on under her coat!

  4. Yvette says:

    Camping, definitely!

  5. Ava says:

    I agree! I really want to know what was under that there coat! lol

    Thank you for this chance to win :)


  6. I’m in DFW, no beaches and I’m not much of a camper, LOL. I do want to know what’s under her coat though!



  7. Kassandra says:

    A Red Room please and thank you. The lighter side of the life but would love to broaden my horizons.

  8. JLH says:

    The pool at night after the kids have gone to bed is our hot summer tryst locale.

    jlhmass at yahoo dot com

  9. Skye Warren says:

    Oh, London. What a mess you are, a hot hot mess :) Not entering, just stopping by. Thanks, Leila.

  10. Sue Sattler says:

    Midnight loving in the swimming pool is one of my favorite things about summer.


  11. Emily D says:

    What’s under the coat!?!?! We need to know!!! Haha! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. We’re an old married couple with no babysitters… the bedroom is as wild as we get.

  13. Any time and place is just so fun…Spur of the moment is even better.

  14. Stopping in to share some Southern Love from the beautiful state of Alabama (yes we do like Erotica here). Some great books on your site, can’t wait to read them!

  15. Nancy DeVault says:

    Love it!

  16. Rae M. says:

    Ugh, I wish I had a summer tryst locale! But alas, not a one in sight.

    Thanks however for the chance to win this!

  17. :) There is still something to be said about a good old country road!

  18. Mary says:

    I live in so. Cal so beaches, mountains and deserts.

  19. Christina Vanderford says:

    The lake at night is a hot spot! christina_92 at

  20. Mary Doherty says:

    I live in Florida, so my options are many. My husband and I have been married 34 years, so we have tried many places. I think i’ll keep those between he and I. Thanks for doing the hop!


  21. rita says:

    noooooo. You can’t leave it there. Just what is under her coat? Why are they in the middle of the room if it’s her tryst? Why is he the 5th? Did she also do the 4th? Way too many questions that need to be answered. Yes, this is going to my tbr list…

    My hot summer night tryst is skinny dipping at an out of the way pool/lake/river.

  22. Amanda says:

    Of course it has to be a balcony over looking the mountains, we live in the smokies. Year round it’s a romantic back drop! Lol

  23. Kylie C says:

    The forested mountainsides near my house!

  24. Theresa J says:

    The La Jolla Caves

  25. I personally like it by the ocean. I usually take a trip to the Caribbean in the summer to catch some rays and some loving with my DH. Thank you for the chance to win.

    lacrimsonfemme at gmail fullstop com

  26. Maria pronounced Mariah says:

    Well I gotta read the rest of the booka to know what was under the coat!

    mmafsmith at gmail dot com

  27. Anne says:

    It is far too built up in my area for outsoor trysts…unless you want to get caught.

  28. Andie Wardlow says:

    Wow i’m a boring girl I guess…i’m gonna change that! Lol.

  29. Debi Anne says:

    Hmmm- camping in the woods would be mine. Adding you to my TBR list. Thanks :)

    Debi Anne

  30. June M. says:

    I can’t really think of any local tryst locations. There is a great lake nearby, so that might work :)
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  31. Tina B says:

    I am hoping at a waterfall. 😉
    Great excerpt, I want to know what is under her coat. :)
    Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway.
    trb0917 at

  32. Susan W. says:

    Mine is the neighbors pool when they’re gone and we’re watching their house for them.


  33. Anne R says:

    As long as the mosquitos stay away, our backyard late at night by the campfire.

    areeths at new dot rr dot com

  34. Location, location, location! Hmm, I’m not sure. Maybe a vacation home, since it’s summer? Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Kathryn Merkel says:

    My first boyfriend & I had regular make out sessions on an old abandoned railroad bed, not far from our houses. These days it’s so overgrown, you couldn’t get a car in there, but we used to be able to drive about a quarter mile in, where there was nothing but woods all around us.


  36. Carin W says:

    I’m loving a swimming pool in the summer ;O)

  37. Eva P. says:

    Not very many locations in the sweltering heat of Phoenix, so staying indoors is the best bet 😉


  38. Christine says:

    Darkened area of a nightclub can be fun :-)

  39. books4me says:

    As of tomorrow, the kid will be gone for 3weeks so let’s see how creative we can be from our vanilla life!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  40. BookAttict says:

    Poolside in my backyard.

    The excerpt was GREAT, and the London Brown series sounds liek something I’m going to LOVE! The books from the series are definitely going on my wish list!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  41. Emily W. says:

    Well, I’ve not yet tried having sex in a risky locale. The closest I’ve gotten is reading naughty, smexy books in a Starbucks. But I do like the idea of very naughty sex :)


  42. Sherry S. says:

    As many neighbors as I have I better say in the bedroom. I really don’t want to give anyone a show.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  43. Shadow says:

    Your series sounds great! Whats under her coat? lol You’ve catured my attention! Thanks for sharing and for the fun hop! And thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  44. Penumbra says:

    If money was no object, I like the idea of the London Eye high above the Thames 😀


  45. christina h says:

    anywhere you can steal a kiss from a special someone is awesome. =)

  46. bn100 says:

    Great excerpt. Can’t think of any specific place.


  47. Lisa w says:

    sneaking out to the hubby’s shed (AKA Man cave) while the kids are in the house!

  48. Mimi Rose says:

    I love to spend a quite weekend with my hubby. It really doesn’t matter where we are as long as we are together.

    thanks for participating in the hop!

    mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

  49. ashley says:

    Hmm…. A ball/masquerade would be a great tryst/meeting place…

  50. Mel Bourn says:

    A great shower with my husband before all the kiddos wake up. Lots of steamy sexy fun.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  51. theresa says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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