Release: Confessions of a Daughter (London Brown # 5)

I’m Desniah Williams, the daughter of an influential member of the British Parliament. The devil incarnate got his hooks in me. For the attention and praise he lavished on me, I gave him every last shred of my soul. I was a cheap whore. London commands her weight in gold.

Two men one is a politician on the verge of greatness and the other a philanthropist on the cusp of corruption, each owns a piece of me.

Freedom is bitter responsibility…submission is sweet abdication.

Warning: Depending on the episode London Brown falls under the following: Erotica, BDSM/Kinky, and Dark Erotica/Taboo (dubious/non-consent) Also contains the theme of coping with survival of childhood sexual abuse/assault.


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Our ride was nearing its end. That sounded final as though I’d lose Rhys when we got to my flat. A lot of friends had sex and things worked out between them. Rhys and I could be like that. We were important to each other.

Rhys pulled into my building’s car park. “So–”

Jitters fluttered inside my stomach. My hands were clammy.

London would know what to say to get a man’s attention. I wanted Rhys to be mine, not hers.

The past four and a half years had been a long road of self-discovery. Less than a year ago, I couldn’t tell when she took over, I simply lost time.  Over the last few months, if I didn’t like something or wasn’t comfortable I’d let her take over.

Despite knowing how many ways this train could derail, I wanted to explore what was developing physically between Rhys and me. I wasn’t about to let my growing anxiety conjure her presence. So rather than fade away, I held on.

“I don’t want you to go… yet.” Why had I said it as though warning him that eventually I would want him to leave?

“Okay.” Rhys turned off the car. “We should probably talk.”

I nodded. I didn’t really want to chat. I wanted more of his touch.


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  1. Miss Janelly says:

    I’ve been waiting sooo long for part 5. I can’t wait to read it!!!

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  3. Miss Janelly says:

    I can’t wait to #6 I didn’t even know it was gonna be a #6. I’m excited.. I really want her to be with Caden lol

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