Coming soon… Confessions of a Daughter (London Brown #8)

Confessions of a Daughter (London Brown #8)

The slow downward spiral of desperation.

I’m Desniah Williams, the daughter of an influential member of the British Parliament. The devil incarnate got his hooks in me. For the attention and praise he lavished on me, I gave him every last shred of my soul. I was a cheap whore. London commands her weight in gold.

Two men one is a politician on the verge of greatness and the other a philanthropist on the cusp of corruption, each owns a piece of me.


With my fingers, I brushed back his hair. His eyes always shimmered when he looked at me.

“Am I a wreck?” He smiled

I shied from his examination. “No, I told you, you’re very handsome.”

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever set eyes on.” He kissed my forehead, got up, removed the mirror from behind the door, and set it next to the bed in front of me. “I want you to stand naked facing the mirror.”

My reflection bounced into the dresser mirror on the other side of the bed. Not an image I saw often. Usually London admired herself. Not me. At least that was the impression I had of her.

A few feet away, Rhys watched me and leaned against the armoire past the foot of the bed.

I stood. The sheet snuggly wrapped around me, covering my nudity. I loosened the fabric, then gripped it tightly to me. Fearful eyes reflected my weakness back to me.

“Why the hesitation, Desniah?”

Good question. One I didn’t have an answer to. I shrugged.

“What do you see?” he asked, a heavy note carried in the pitch of his voice.

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