Where are the episodes of Confessions Collection Vol. 2 (London Brown)?

I’d like do a little backpedaling before I answer my own question.

For those of you that haven’t seen reviews on Confessions Collection Vol. 1 (London Brown) I want to make sure to give my heartfelt thank you to the blogs that have been supporters of the series.

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London Brown (Books 1-6) by Leila DeSint

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And a huge thank you to my readers. Thank you for rating and reviewing my work!

Time to answer my own questions; I’ve completed episodes 10, 11 and 12. I’ll be sending them into my editor shortly.

Oddly enough everyone wanted new introductions for Vol. 2 so I’m looking forward to posting those in the L.B. The Narrators.

2 Responses to Where are the episodes of Confessions Collection Vol. 2 (London Brown)?

  1. adecia r says:

    when will confessions of a whore be released i saw somewhere it said sept 2013
    i have read all the episodes and cant wait for the new ones

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m awaiting the edits on the next set of 3 episodes Open Confessions. Once those are done they will be release.


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