Cover reveal: Violin in Darkness (Episodic Series) by Leila DeSint




Violin in Darkness (Episodic Series) by Leila DeSint

At the age of fourteen an accident claimed Jun Santo’s parents and her sight. Plunged into darkness, she only sees flashes of color when playing her violin.

Left as the ward of a family friend, Aleksandar Gjoni, she hones her skills to become a world-renowned violinist. Despite knowing better, she falls hard for her guardian, but the feelings aren’t returned. Crushed by his rejection, she sets up a place, she can call home. Finally, living her life on her own terms, a brutal home invasion leaves her sense of security shattered and the police have few leads.

Ever dutiful, Alek rushes to her and stands by her over the course of her recovery. Supportive and caring, he encourages her to put the incident and its trauma behind her. In a heated exchange, he confesses his long denied feelings and declares he will pursue her.

Tired of being afraid, she hires a company to do what the police have failed to, solve the case and protect her.

In strolls unassuming Kyle Nolan the tortured ex-special forces officer, discharged under mysterious circumstances. While fighting his attraction to her, he uses a dark and twisted game to push her to recall suppressed memories from her attack, of which he has seemingly grown obsessed.

Casting what she endured into darkness or shedding light on the truth threatens not only to unravel the case, but Jun, herself.

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