The Book Experiment Chapter 5

The next chapter of Kansas Rule is up. Genre: Erotica

For readers a 18 years of age and up only. The content of this book will contain graphic sex. BDSM. Characters who’ve suffered from physical, mental and sexual trauma at an early age.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00016]Excerpt:

I pulled my hand back and slapped him. The smack caused Fitz to stir. Decker placed a hand on the area I’d struck and rubbed. His stare burrowed into me. Fitz used his head to create a barrier between us. Decker gently stroked the horse’s snout and whispered into his ear which calmed him while his eyes held me frozen in place.

He advanced.

I shriveled back. With his hand he reached over, he gathered the reins from me then gathered me into his arms.

I struggled against his hard chest.

“I’m sorry that you’re in pain,” his voice lowered.

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