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The Book Experiment Chapter 4

I’m still recovering from a recent respiratory infection. Hence the delay in posting. The next chapter of Kansas Rule is up. Genre: Erotica For readers a 18 years of age and up only. The content of this book will contain graphic sex. BDSM. Characters who’ve suffered from physical, mental and sexual trauma at an early age. Excerpt: Every sense was saturated… (more…)

Happy Holidays Joyeuses Fêtes

Happy Holidays Joyeuses Fêtes My daughter’s is taking a photography course and playing around with her camera. Happy Christmas to you and yours from me and mine.

Update Sept 2013 Confessions Collection Volume 2 and…

It’s been a while since I posted an update. So here I am! All right, I’ve completed the writing all of the episodes of volume 2. Yay! I’ve handed in Open Confessions containing the next 3 episodes after Bond Confessions to the publisher and I’m waiting edits. I’m working on polishing the last three episodes for Loss Confessions before I… (more…)

Release: Bond Confessions

Bond Confessions London Brown Volume 2 Novella 1 Confessions 10, 11, and 12 (London Brown)   Confessions of a Politician (London Brown #10) The shattered reality of the truth I sought.  I’m Caden Jacob Carrington (V) the Fifth. The truth is most men’s salvation, but not for men like me. Politics is my chosen affliction. I lie for a living,… (more…)

Help: Bosnian and Croatian/ Updated:Closed

Update: I was able to get help! I’m working on a passage where one person is speaking Bosnian and the other is speaking Croatian. Now, I’ve read the languages are similar but I want to make sure this is correct. Also if anyone knows either language I’d be grateful for another set of eyes on the text. Send me an… (more…)

Wet & Wild Bloghop DeSint style

Given the title of the Bloghop, I assumed that this had something to do with getting ‘wild’ in a wet place. I decided to pull out an excerpt from Confessions Collection Vol. 1 of my characters about to get both wet and wild… —- The shower curtain moved aside. Desniah stepped in, nude in all her glory. With her gaze… (more…)

Rhys or Cade?

From the feedback I’ve been getting from readers you are all deciding on whom Des or London should be with. Cade or Rhys? And why? I’m Caden Jacob Carrington V. The truth is most men’s salvation, but not for men like me. Politics is my chosen affliction. I lie for a living, or massage the truth to suit me. The… (more…)

Release: Confessions of a Whore (London Brown #9)

Confessions of a Whore (London Brown #9) What the client wants the client gets…be good, play nice or else. I’m London Brown and these are my confessions. Let me plunge you into my world… I provide my clients a willing body, a canvas on which they explore their depravity–sexual therapy at a fee. Kink, bondage, or fetish, I cater to all… (more…)