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Cover reveal: Violin in Darkness (Episodic Series) by Leila DeSint

    Violin in Darkness (Episodic Series) by Leila DeSint At the age of fourteen an accident claimed Jun Santo’s parents and her sight. Plunged into darkness, she only sees flashes of color when playing her violin. Left as the ward of a family friend, Aleksandar Gjoni, she hones her skills to become a world-renowned violinist. Despite knowing better, she falls… (more…)

Update and a treat

I’ve been trying to do my best to keep you in the loop of what I’m working on. I finished the first draft of episode 13 about an hour ago. This is a confession of a philanthropist. All I can say is… well I’m not even sure what to say. I probably shouldn’t say anything. As I work on the… (more…)