London Brown

Author Foreword:
This series is a joint journey between the readers and myself. I attempt to present ideas, notions, and events for you to consider rather than conclude on your behalf.

The London Brown series is written in episodes. Each episode is told in the first person from the point of view of one of the main protagonists of this series in the form of confessions to the reader regarding events as they saw them.

London Brown the whore and alter-ego of Desniah Williams, the socialite, the twenty-six-year-old daughter of an influential Member of Parliament.
Caden Jacob Carrington V the fifth, the politician, a rising star in Labour Party, childhood friend, and first love of the socialite.
Rhys Christos Edward Stowell, the philanthropist, a man seeking a life outside his suffocating strict Christian upbringing and best friend of the socialite.

Three episodes make up each novella. Three novellas make up a volume.  Each volume has one protagonist that is the predominant narrator or subject.

Though this is a work of fiction, I do not aim to trivialize or label those that cope with mental illness, but rather provide a glimpse into aspects seldom seen. On the matter of characters’ faith, I will make no apology that my characters have spiritual beliefs, and that it plays a significant aspects in who they are and the story.

I’m unable to rush my creative process. Trust me when I tell you I’ve tried really, really hard to. I want the work to be worthy of the characters and to deliver them in the most honest, and raw way I can bare to reveal them.

London Brown Book Order

I envision the series to be four volumes. But I will not rush a wrap up if another volume is needed, nor will I stretch it out to keep it going.

For maximum reader enjoyment the order is as follows:

Desire (London Brown #1) Episodes 1 to 3
Cede (London Brown #2) Episodes 4 to 6
Rouse (London Brown #3) Episodes 7 to 9
Vol.1 (London Brown #3.5) (Includes Desire, Cede, and Rouse) Episodes 1 to 9

Desire_London Brown # 1_200x300

Cede_London Brown # 2_200x300

Rouse_London Brown # 3_200x300

Vol1_eCove_London Brown_200x300

Bond (London Brown #4) Episodes 10 to 12
Open (London Brown #5) Episodes 13 to 15
Loss (London Brown #6) Episodes 16 to 18
Vol.2 (London Brown #6.5) (Includes Bond, Open, and Loss) Episodes 10 to 18
Bond_eCove_London Brown # 4_200x300Open_eCove_London Brown # 5_200x300Loss_eCove_London Brown # 6_200x300Vol2_London Brown_eCove_200x300






Wake (London Brown #7) Episodes 19 to 21
Mercy (London Brown #8) Episodes 22 to 24
Ruin (London Brown # 9) Episodes 25 to 27
Vol.3 (London Brown #9.5) (Includes Wake, Mercy, and Ruin)

Wake_eCove_London Brown_200x300

Mercy_eCove_London Brown_200x300Ruin_eCove_London Brown_200x300

Vol3_London Brown_eCove_200x300

Cinder (London Brown #10) Episodes 28 to 30
Ascend (London Brown #11) Episodes 31 to 33
Master (London Brown #12) Episodes 34 to 36
Vol.4 (London Brown #12.5) (Includes Cinder, Ascend, and Master) Episodes 28 to 36

Cinder_eCove_London Brown_200x300

Ascend_eCove_London Brown_200x300Master_eCove_London Brown_200x300Vol4_eCove_London Brown_200x300


6 Responses to London Brown

  1. hazel ann says:

    hi i recently start reading have 1-3 and volume 2 but can i get the order of series and is this it or it finish

  2. Adrienne Rojas says:

    When will the next book in the London Brown Series be released?

    • Leila says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks you for taking a moment to stop in and ask for an update on London Brown. I’m hoping Wake will be release in the fall of 2014.
      Thank you,
      Leila DeSint

  3. elaina says:

    This series is simply WOW! I started the series last night and now up to Vol 2. I wanted to buy Vol 3 but it doesn’t look like it’s out. When can I expect the next one. I can’t wait. I really want the politician to have her. Don’t know why but I do. I don’t want Rhys to “fix” her or take away her rawness. I want Cade to learn the truth.I want want want the rest if this story. Please tell me the next volume is coming soon. You now have a fan for life!

    • Leila says:

      Hi Elaina,
      Thank you for stopping into my website and sharing your enthusiasm for the London Brown series. Ah, you’re on team Caden! Have you been there since the beginning or do something happen that put you over there?

      As for the release of full Vo3 that will likely be in 2015. As soon as I can give more specifics, I will.
      Thank you,
      Leila DeSint

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