Dark Rapture

Dark Rapture by Leila DeSint

Her body at his mercy reaps carnal decadence but only the surrender of her heart will yield Dark Rapture…

Nia runs away from a life of dogma in search of freedom on the streets of Stonebridge, London. Rather than escape from repression, she finds herself in danger. Afraid for her life, she flees right into the clutches of Nathanael G. Price.

Structure and order from chaos are Nathanael G. Price’s specialty. He built his empire through hostile takeovers. He acquires companies and dispenses with them piece by piece, much like he does with women. Everything always goes according to his plan. Until Nia runs to him in peril.

All good deeds come at a price and Nathanael’s is unfathomable–except to the desperate.

Despite agreeing to his terms, Nia is unprepared for his unyielding demands and salacious needs. As he trains her to fulfill his dark appetite, her body yearns for more. He craves an even greater submission, one she’s determined not to acquiesce, her heart.

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